Joanna Runciman - The Radiant Woman's Handbook

From the publisher: A radiant woman is peaceful, flexible and happy. To enjoy radiant skin and love your body discover why sleep, skin care and loving your food matters. Learn how to simplify your beauty regime and life! Discover how the 'less is more' ethos improves your life and reduces your use of synthetic chemicals. This book shares practical tools to help you: Speak powerfully about your life. Use edible skin care creating radiant skin. Use gratitude and 'living now' to turn your life around. About the author: Joanna has a passion for empowering women to simplify their lives and reduce the use of synthetic chemicals. Joanna is a trained chef, life coach, Nia Brown belt and writer. Having battled with acne, Joanna shares her knowledge and humour on how she achieved radiant skin and avoids synthetic chemicals in her life.

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