Honoring the Passing of Nia Teacher Lisa Geddings

“No matter what may be happening in my life, or in the world around me, I always choose to look for the promise, the hope, the bright, the beautiful, and the good. And because I look . . . I find it.” - Lisa Geddings

On Sunday, November 25, 2012, the world lost a gifted teacher, mother, healer, and radiant woman. Lisa Geddings was a loved and celebrated Nia Black Belt Teacher and Life Coach.

I remember taking a bath one night and sensing the loss I will be a part of - losing people in my life that I have met through Nia. Yesterday, Lisa passed away surrounded by family and friends, and I was faced with the truth and reality of knowing and loving people: loss is part of it all, and it is painful.

Lisa was one of the most joyful, passionate Nia teachers and healers I have known. I will miss her presence in this world, spreading her essence and greatness. Thank you Lisa for your love and light. May this next dance be the best ever.

May we send love to her family in this time of great loss.


Debbie Rosas