You Shared, Nia Listened!

$100 off Any Nia training*

Dear Dedicated Nia Dancers,

We understand making the trip to Nia's International Headquarters in Portland, OR is not possible for everybody. That's why we're opening up our $100 off training sale to include all Nia trainings, everywhere! Here's the scoop: Register for any Nia training during the month of October and receive $100 off your registration fee. 

How to get the discount:

  1. Select the training you want to attend from the list below
  2. Enter the promo code 2012OCT100 at checkout
  3. Receive $100 off!

*All purchases must be paid in full. Offer is not retroactive and does not include The Body's Way Training. Offer can be applied to multiple training registrations. No refunds will be given. Offer expires on October 31st, 2012 at 11:59PM (Pacific Time). 

Upcoming Trainings

Nia 5 Stages Training

Enhance your alignment with the Nia 5 Stages, an integrative movement practice based on the five stages of human development: Embryonic, Creeping, Crawling, Standing and Walking. Open to all.


Nia 52 Moves Training

Fine-tune your movement skill and technique in the 52 Moves, a 2.5 day training dedicated exclusively to mastering the movement language of Nia. Open to all.


White Belt Training

Optimize your body and life with the Nia White Belt Training, the first level in Nia's five-belt training series that presents a body-centered approach to health, wellness and fitness. Open to all.


Green Belt Training

Refine your teaching skills in the Nia Green Belt, the second level in Nia's five-belt training series. Using the Passion Routine, you'll explore the mechanics and magic of sharing the joy professionally. Open to all belt graduates.


Blue Belt Training

Energize your personal and professional lives with the Nia Blue Belt, the third level in Nia's five-belt series that focuses on communication, relationship and intimacy. Open to all White Belt graduates.


Brown Belt Training

Experience energy in a multi-dimensional way in the Nia Brown Belt Training, the fourth level in Nia's five-belt training series. Learn to become a master of your sensations, thoughts, emotions and intuition as you fine-tune your teaching skills! Open to all Blue Belt graduates.


Black Belt Training

Dive into the river of the unknown in the Nia Black Belt Training, the fifth level in Nia's five-belt series. Learn how to tap into the sensation of endless creativity as you become a master of the basics. Open to all Brown Belt graduates.