Upcoming Telecourse with Nia Co-Creator Debbie Rosas and Casey Bernstein

On Monday, September 10th from 5:00 - 6:00 PM PST, Nia Co-Creator Debbie Rosas will be hosting a free telecourse with special guest Casey Bernstein, who has a background in nursing and has been teaching Nia trainings for more than 14 years. They will spend an hour exploring the thighbones, as the educational topic for September is, "Awareness of Thighbones: Sensing Mobile Support."

Register now for the free telecourse to receive your call-in number! For more information on Nia's current course of study, visit our education section, where we post links to articles, student handouts, videos and more.

About Casey Bernstein

Casey Bernstein is a registered nurse with 13 years of varied clinical experience in oncology, maternity, community health, cardiac critical care and intensive nursing. Casey's philosphy of nursing involved acheiving one's highest potential for wellness from movement, and thus seeing healing as an art or dance of life. Casey immersed herself 100% into Nia upon her discovery of the practice. She has been a Black Belt certified Nia trainer since 1998. She is the creator, owner and director of The Center for Nia and Yoga in the heart of Albany, New York. In addition to her Nia classes, she faciltates a wide variety of workshops in wellness, Nia and self-expression. She is a certified in yoga and the expressive arts. Casey also created the entrepenuer business Bowls of Zen.

Casey offers international trainings in the passionate areas of Israel and Italy. She is now a regular Nia workshop presenter at The Kripalu Yoga Center in the Berkshires.