New Directions

This guest story is written by Susan Sloan, who is a Nia teacher and trainer based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

I followed my passion and became a Nia teacher and trainer. I have been a recruitment agent for 19 years. My journey to follow my passion started eight years ago, when I discovered the Nia White Belt Training and naturally felt the pull to enroll in the training to heal my knees. However, after the training, I wanted to use the tools I had learned to start teaching Nia. I, along with two colleagues, created the first regular Nia class in Johannesburg. Within a year, we were offering three classes per week, and the classes had grown so big, the students were dancing out the door in the drive-way! The studio, called Studio Kairos, now offers 13 classes per week, and has hosted trainings which have certified many teachers over the years, who now offer their own Nia classes throughout Johannesburg and Pretoria. Today there are close to 25 Nia teachers in Johannesburg at various venues.

In 2010, I accepted the invitation from the co-creator of Nia, Debbie Rosas (who is based in Portland, Oregan, USA), to join the Next Generation Trainer’s (NGT) course, which involved a year of study towards becoming a White Belt Trainer. It seemed my dream was turning into reality. I accepted the invitation by attending an initial event in Portland, called “Courting your Destiny,” to ensure I was aligned with the emerging philosophy of the next phase of Nia's global growth.

I felt completely aligned with the philosophy. Nia teaches us to become more aware and to make more conscious choices in life from a body-centred place; I knew my decision was right because I was making it from a happy place I felt in my body, mind and spirit. So, in that year, I knew my life was about to change tremendously as I followed my dream. My Nia career was about to take off and become a full-time thing! So, I changed the name of my recruitment agency to be in alignment with my new career, calling it Kairos Recruitment. The clients I had been servicing over the many years were long-standing, and the staff I had trained were able to service them in the same high standards. I have been able to allow the Nia philosophy, “Love your body, love your life” to overflow into the placement industry by communicating the message, “Love your job, love your life.”

The 18-month-long Nia NGT course involved an in-depth study of music, movement, anatomy, philosophy and science, as well as many dedicated months of blogging and soul searching deep within myself—body, mind, emotions and spirit.

In May 2012, I taught my first White Belt Training at Studio Kairos, for eight new trainees and two White Belts graduates who were retaking the training. It felt like all the years of studying, creating, exploring and receiving exquisite mentorship from my seniors, contributed to me finding my life's purpose. I felt the joy of doing what I’m meant to be doing, and how natural it feels to be doing the work of my soul’s destiny. With three more White Belt Trainings on the schedule for 2012 (in South Africa), I look forward to continuing to follow my life purpose, which is to teach myself and others to become more aware and to live with more joy.