White Belt Graduates Thank Nia Trainer Yonit Lerner Ofan

This letter was written by White Belt trainees to Nia Trainer Yonit Lerner Ofan, in appreciation of her teaching and guidance.

Here we are at the end of our 7th week of the Nia White Belt Training (this training was structured a bit differently, as we met once per week for seven weeks in a row). We are excited and having difficulties sharing our words of closure.

This is a time of beginnings and not the end. We are just starting our journey. You, Yonit, know more than others that this White Belt training is an important and valuable milestone in our journey. Each one of us has her own life, family, friends, reasons, desires, purpose, dance and shining Northern Star.

We have learned and deepened our Nia practice throughout this Nia White Belt Training with you, in ways we have never imagined possible. Each day of the training, you have shared from your infinite pool of professional knowledge, and we have absorbed it all.

It was our pleasure to see your shining face, your family and your loving home each morning. You offered us a rare combination of impeccable hospitality, personality, passion, professionalism, joy and pleasure for life.

Together we have learned to create the space and to choose joy as we move and dance in our natural time. We know natural time is our organic state, and is unique and special to each one of us. We have learned that we can listen to the music, dance to the music, and appreciate and anticipate the silences and sounds. We learned a practice called Relaxed, Alert, Waiting (RAW) that brings more focus to our listening abilities.

We are aware of our bodies, thanks to the Nia moves. We learned about the Hara center, which smiles and creates the smile line. We know the body has a core with energy centers along the spine. We understand that we choose out of loyalty and dedication to our purpose in life. Each one of us has unique music and dance moves that together create magic. We have learned all this and more.

There are 13 White Belt Principles that are becoming a way of life for us. We promise you, Yonit, that all your investment in us–the dedication, knowledge, professionalism, and warmth you have shared and given us–will support us from this moment forward. We are grateful to you from the bottom of our hearts. This has been a huge privilege for us. We have received, learned and been nurtured by you and your love for Nia and the body of work.

You are an inspiration to everybody that dances Nia and to all women. We wish you lots of luck in future White Belt Trainings and Nia classes. Wishing you all the best as you share your body literacy and enrich the Nia community, in any way you choose.