Questions & Answers: The Nia 52 Moves Training

I was recently asked, "Why are you opening up the Nia 52 Moves Training to students?" I feel this is an important question to address and share with everyone, so that my intentions are clear, and both students and teachers are inspired to enroll.

The answer is simple: Nia is my gift for all people, and for 30+ years I have given most of my teaching life-force energy, time and consciousness to training Nia teachers how to share the Nia work with the public. But to rely entirely on the teachers to reach the incredible amount of people Nia can (and should!) serve is not functional. It is actually a cog in the wheel.

My desire has always been to give my creative work–Nia–to the people, and I am doing this with the Nia 52 Moves Training. As more and more people love Nia, there will be more demand for Nia. Without people getting turned on to the practice in as many ways as possible, programs like Zumba will always be more popular. So I simply must go to the people. A demand for more teachers comes from more students. Therefore I am going to focus on reaching them too.

Additionally, as students become better trained, the teachers will too. Helping students (whether they are beginners or seasoned dancers) master the Nia 52 Moves is key to their growth and success in Nia. As we say, the Nia 52 Moves are the building blocks of the practice.

Only when we isolate and master single moves are we able to transform a movement experience for the whole body and thus evolve as individuals.