One Brag a Day Will Keep the Doctor Away

I am sitting in the Waldorf Astoria, surrounded by old world elegance, with people from all over the world, listening the sounds of life happening in one of the most magical cities in the world: New York.

I love this city for many reasons: the numbers of people, the variety of people, and the opportunity to be and do anything at any time of the day. I feel at home here, and I feel the tension that comes from the positive energy of being unsure and even a little afraid–not for my life, but for what New York stands for... potential. Yes, my potential.

I have dreamed of living here. I have dreamed of having a Nia center here. I believe Nia deserves New York exposure. New York acceptance. New York push, the push needed to birth Nia into the world. We're ready.

This past weekend I was given yet another opportunity in New York to speak about myself and Nia to a community of the most exciting women. A community dedicated to me stepping into my greatness, something I consistently encourage you all to do! So how’s it going?

If you’re like me, you need help and reminders. Funny how it’s so much easier to promote someone else’s greatness, to cheer them on and stand for them.

That's why, a few years ago, I implemented the practice of “bragging” instead of "sharing a quirk” during Nia trainings. I learned this from one of my female mentors, Mama Gena. I find it to be so healing to hear women stand up and brag about something they are proud of, even something simple.

When I first started bragging, it was really uncomfortable. I don’t know about you, but I wasn’t trained to rave about my strengths or talk about my accomplishments. Unlike men, who are trained to talk about and celebrate their successes, most women don’t. Curious where I'm going with this?

Bragging is important to the success of your body and life. The other day, as I was walking in New York, I noticed the tulips are crazy this time of the year. I stopped to look at them and heard my inner voice say, “Look at how those tulips brag. The more they brag, the more they open up, and the more you get to enjoy their beauty!” I got so excited. I decided it’s time for us–students, teachers and trainers alike–to brag.

Here’s the rule: you have to brag once a day to someone, somewhere. I’m betting that just one brag a day will keep the doctor away! Brag online, tweet a brag, brag on Youtube, brag with your friends and family. Let’s stretch the sound of Nia’s pleasure influence, and let’s get used to feeling a bit uncomfortable. We know the sensation of positive tension as a sign of growth and change. This is necessary for transformation.

So here’s your Nia tutorial on, “5 Steps to Successful Bragging.”

  1. Anything you do that makes you feel proud, good or better about your body and life can be something to brag about.
  2. Even though an audience is good, you don’t need one to brag. Brag in front of the mirror. Text a brag, tweet a brag, record a video of yourself bragging and post it as inspiration for others to do the same.
  3. Like the tulips, brag to open up and to sense your full radiance–to share an amazing part of you that exists because of your decisions.
  4. Take a before and after picture. Sense how you feel before you brag, and then sense yourself–your body, mind, emotions and spirit–after you brag. Giving praise to the things that make you feel better is good motivation to do it again and again.
  5. When you don’t feel or believe you have something to brag about, breathe, smell the moment and brag that you are here, that you have yet another day to dance, play, see the tulips and live your life fully with passion and pleasure.

Image credit: erikwestrum