Nia Co-Creator Debbie Rosas to Teach Nia Class at Move Me Studio in Marin County, California, the Birthplace of Nia

Marin County residents will have the unique chance to take a Nia class–which draws from the marital arts, dance arts and healing arts–with Nia Co-Creator Debbie Rosas on Thursday, April 5th from 6:00-7:00 PM at Move Me Studio in San Rafael, California. The studio, which opened just last month, is located at 1320 4th Street, between C and D Streets. One-hour validated parking is available at the City of San Rafael parking garage located at 3rd and C Streets. Pre-registration for the class is highly recommended.

Rosas, who is making the trip south from Portland, OR, for the second time this year, shares, “I got so excited when I saw the studio space. For the first time in a long time, I feel Nia will again thrive where the practice was first birthed.”

Move Me Studio owner Sarah Caveney, a Marin County resident for more than 10 years, moved to the area to raise her family after spending four years as a high-tech recruiter in the Silicon Valley. She discovered Nia thanks to a recommendation from her massage therapist. Sarah had grown restless and was looking for a way to reclaim her independence and feed her spirit and soul. A former dancer and gymnast, she always loved moving and encouraging others to move. Nia was, as she describes, a natural fit.

Caveney explains, “I was inspired regularly by Nia and by my instructor, France-Laude Gohard, who encouraged me to enroll in a Nia White Belt Training and then dive into teaching.”

Currently, there are approximately 2,500 Nia teachers worldwide. Students who wish to become Nia teachers must graduate from the Nia White Belt Training, which is the first level of a five-belt training series that presents a body-centered approach to health, wellness and fitness.

“I always felt that Marin County needed a dedicated studio, but wasn’t quite sure what that would look like. Then at a family reunion, I discovered Madrone Mind Body Institute, which was truly a beautiful example of what I thought we needed back home,” says Caveney. Now, Caveney sees Move Me Studio as, “becoming the place to find one’s authentic self, to explore, to create, to find community, and most importantly, to move and be healthy.”

Rosas describes Move Me Studio as having, “wonderful, dark, wood floors that beg for feet. The high ceilings, lights and open air space is ideal for moving and grooving.” Those interested in taking Nia and yoga classes regularly at Move Me Studio can sign up for 30 days of unlimited classes for $49.00. A one-time drop-in fee is $16.00.

About Nia:

Nia is a sensory-based movement practice that draws from disciplines of the martial arts, dance arts and healing arts. Every class offers a unique combination of 52 moves that correspond with the main areas of the body: the base, the core and the upper extremities. Stiff beginners and highly fit athletes alike can adapt Nia to meet their needs by choosing from three intensity levels. Consecutive trainings collectively explore 52 principles for personal enrichment and professional development. Step into your own joyful journey with Nia, and positively shape the way you feel, look, think and live.


Sarah Caveney
Owner, Move Me Studio
sarah.caveney (at)