A Costa Rican Adventure

Wendy Roman is a Black Belt certified Nia teacher and Nia 5 Stages instructor based in Ontario, Canada. Nia continues to give Wendy a creative outlet where she can teach and inspire others to dance through life in a joyful way.

Recently, I hosted a Nia/Sound Healing retreat in Costa Rica with my co-facilitator Dennis Gaumond. Dennis is a soundwork facilitator, who I have been working with for the past three years. Our work dovetails beautifully together, and this February we took 15 of my Nia students from Canada to Finca de Vida, a healing retreat and organic farm on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. It was a great success, and was even described as "life-changing" by some. Our hosts at Finca de Vida, Brian and Jody Calvi, had never done Nia before, and they loved it. I think they were surprised because our group members ranged in age from 47 to 76.... and we rocked!

We danced on a yoga deck high up in the mountains and had the full view of the valley below, the mountains in front and the ocean beyond. We had a thatched roof above us and lovely breezes blew through to keep us cool while we were dancing. It was the most beautiful place in which I have ever danced! What an incredible opportunity. Another door has opened for me on my Nia path. Nia has just opened door after door for me in my 9 years of teaching, and I am ever grateful for the incredible growth and joy that Nia has brought into my life.

This summer I will be opening my Nia studio at my home on the Bruce Peninsula in Ontario, Canada. It is a straw bale structure that my husband and I built together over the past few years. The walls are coated with a natural, earthen plaster and the heated earthen floors are great for dancing on. It's like dancing on leather!

I am very excited for what the future holds for all of us in Nia. Thank you, Debbie Rosas, for your unending support and dedication to Nia and all the teachers and students. What you and Carlos have created is lush, rich, deep, transformational and joyful. Through Nia, we as teachers are able to touch so many lives with this deeply meaningful practice.  

Our dance platform–the most beautiful place I have ever danced!

Dancing in paradise. We couldn't get much closer to heaven.

Finca de Vida (Farm of Life), where we stayed. Looking down from the dance platform.

Me, Wendy Roman, dancing for pleasure.