A Colorado Nia Jam with Trainer Loretta Milo

Nia jams are just one of the ways people come together to build community around their shared passion for the practice. This jam, led by Nia Trainer Loretta Milo, features 18 Nia teachers and 80+ students. The testimonials shed light on some of the benefits of Nia. As Jo Ellen Davidson shares, "When I started doing Nia, I was very, very ill. And now... I'm an instructor! I just finished my Green Belt."

Dana Hood says, "Nia makes me feel happy. It brings out my creativity, not only on the floor when I'm teaching or dancing, but also just in life. I'm inspired to do more things, to listen to new music. I'm constantly thinking about creating something new. Having Nia in my life has been a big part of that."

As Ann Dam-Johnson explains, "Coming out of a Nia class, my body thanks me. My spirit thanks me. Nia is a mind-body-spirit connection." Mikey Payne says, "I am a one-year cancer survivor. I still have Nia in my life... Nia has been like a sister holding me up and seeing me through this rough time."

BJ Bachman sums it up when she shares, "I love Nia. I try to tell everyone I know to try it out. You can't really explain it, you just have to experience it for yourself. So do Nia!"

Thank you to everybody who participated in this fantastic event.