Join Debbie Rosas on a Transformational Journey to Chichen-Itza, the Great Mayan Ceremonial Center

For a "once-in-thousands-of-years" opportunity, our very own Debbie Rosas will be gathering with other leaders at the high center of Mayan knowledge for the end of the Mayan calendar – and the birth of the great cycle of transformation and renewal – on December 13-22, 2012.

You are invited to join her, by registering for this incredible eight-day experience. You'll gain entrance with special governmental permission into Chichen-Itza (when it is closed to the public) and at the exact time of the solstice! Explore a 60-mile area with impressive ancient temples and buildings. In particular, see the "El Castillo" Pyramid, whose architecture is full of symbolism. Inside the pyramid is a temple even more ancient than the pyramid itself. Tour both Coba and Tulum, which is located in a magnificent setting high on bluffs overlooking the sparkling, turquoise Caribbean Sea.

Check out the full trip itinerary and list of guest speakers using the top navigation here. Then reserve your spot!

In anticipation of this journey, Debbie asked Teri Weiss from Power Place Tours to speak with her about this amazing opportunity. You can listen to their call here. Debbie also interviewed Eden Sky, an authority on the Mayan Calendar, about her wisdom regarding this most incredible and transformative time for humanity.

As Debbie shares:

"A while back I wrote that we were in the midst of having a revolution. I called it a revolution of self. As we approach the December 21, 2012 solstice, I feel it even more. Only this time, I really get how it’s not just me that’s in this revolution; it’s the entire world and human species who stand at the apex of evolution, transformation, and great planetary change. We are part of a revolution of mass proportions that is affecting everything we know. A consciousness revolution for sure. 

If you believe in the ancient prophecies describing this upcoming solstice as the end of one world view and the beginning of another, then you are already preparing. Maybe you even know what you’ll be doing and where you’ll be. However if you’re like most people, you may not have even thought about it. I know I didn’t until I was invited to be a presenter with Power Place Tours. I’ll be in Mexico, at a sacred site with others who have chosen this as the place they’ll be to experience this sacred graduation of humanity shifting in to a time of cooperation, where the masculine and feminine energies will harmonize, where we as people will come into alignment with the planet. This alignment will reflect time as art. So where will you be?

It makes sense to me that many people feel scared, as the recent world events have shaken many of us to our core. Personally, whenever I allow the world around me to get under my skin, it forces me to reflect and refocus. I’m not alone.

People all over the world people are re-evaluating their values and their relationship with themselves, their communities, the earth and the universe. As a result, a new consciousness is emerging in and around us as a wave of enlightened energy, touching and affecting everything we do. To me, it is measurable. There are actually times I stand and can feel the earth underneath me, the wave of change and transformation shifting, offering us a new vision and purpose for humanity.

If you slow down and begin to listen to the sky and trees, and to your inner “intuition,” you may begin to feel it too. Maybe you’ll feel it in your core, in your feet, in your heart or at the edge of your fingertips. I feel it deep in my cells. It’s as if there’s a new kind of power and beauty stirring. The energy of creation that comes when we consciously connect to the sacredness of the earth, of our body, and of our life. It comes when we see through the eyes of oneness – where all things are connected, and yes, where what we think, say and do does matter."

Image credit: Kyle Simourd