Trainer Rachael Resch’s Nia White Belt Trainings Now Eligible for Physical Therapy CEUs

Rachael R. Resch, MS PT/LMT, is a certified Nia Black Belt instructor, Nia trainer and holistic physical therapist whose practice is devotion to the sacred body for healing, fitness, play and prayer. 

As a physical therapist and a Nia movement educator, I’m passionate about both movement and healing. I’ve always believed Nia's philosophy, “through movement we find health.”

Having just competed the Nia Next Generation Trainer program, I’m thrilled to announce that all my White Belt Intensives now qualify for 50 hours of physical therapy (PT) continuing education in the state of Oregon!

The American Physical Therapy Association calls PTs “experts in human movement.” PTs are dedicated and devoted to helping people achieve functional and healthy movement. PTs love movement and believe in its healing power.

Many PTs take additional post-graduate training in somatic techniques, such as yoga, The Alexander Technique, The Work of Moshe Feldenkrais and Body-Mind Centering. Nonetheless, the strength of the standard academic and clinical training we PTs receive is in the field of cognitive knowledge rather than somatic knowledge.

However, as PTs we also know that our ability to successfully treat a patient’s body depends directly on the equilibrium within our own nervous systems -- particularly our proprioceptive, kinesthetic and interoceptive systems. These allow us to sense our bodies from the inside. If I don’t sense my body clearly, I cannot sense my patient’s body clearly.

I’m so excited that PTs, with their love of movement as medicine, now have greater opportunity to experience Nia as a professional tool.

The Nia White Belt Training offers PTs and other healthcare professionals an often much-needed change of perspective, providing a way for the scientist to also become a sensation scientist. This gives them a way to integrate anatomy with bodily experience, and for the healer to immerse in the body’s innate capacity for self-healing. In short, the White Belt offers a way to improve patient care and therapist well-being simultaneously, by synergistically creating in both what Mabel Elsworth Todd calls in her classic text by the same title, “the thinking body.”

This is an exciting breakthrough for Nia. It’s the first time the Nia White Belt can be officially offered for healthcare CEUs. It opens the way for the White Belt to be accessible professionally to other types of healthcare providers as well as providers in other states. Many licensing boards will approve CEUs once a course has been allowed for another profession or by another state. PT CEUs may be applicable to other practitioners; practitioners should check with their state licensing board.

Below are a few Nia testimonials from healthcare providers:

“Nia has provided me an opportunity to learn how to deeply listen to my body in a way I have never done before. The physical results of that connection are astonishing, as a true dialogue has resulted. I now know when and what my body feels good doing - how fast or slow or how big or small my movements need to be. It is a practice in mindfulness that keeps me present in the now and not only physically. Whatever mood or current issues I am facing in my life, Nia offers a way to dance their emotion. Rachael's gentle guidance allows this freedom of expression to occur. It is much, much more than just a good workout. It is what I believe the new paradigm of workout encompasses: mind, body, spirit. The practice of Nia has it all.” -Glennie Feinsmith, LCSW

"Rachael knows how to respect each person's rhythms and limits, and, at the same time, how to inspire just a little more: a little more movement, freedom, expression, joy." -Deborah Gordon, MD

“Nia is a beautiful expressive movement which strengthens and tones the body without repetitive wear and tear. It’s gentle and flowing and quite aerobic. Rachael Resch is an amazing teacher who embodies grace and health. A cross between dance and prayer, Nia is wonderful!” -Sylvia Chatroux, MD

“Nia has taught me to more deeply sense my body. Through sensing my body I have learned to listen to it. Through listening to it I have learned how to nourish and heal it. This process has allowed me to more deeply love my body, as it is. Nia is unique in it's capacity to facilitate such a process. And Rachael R. Resch is a phenomenal teacher and embodiment of the work. I whole-heartedly (and bodily) recommend it.” -Sarah Rose Marshank MEd, LMT, Certified Nia Black Belt Practitioner

“Having Rachael as my Nia teacher in the past many years has deepen and widened a joyful body awareness and a kinesthetic sense of the abundance of available healing at any given moment. I have felt through Nia that integrating movement, sound, rhythm and expression, the vital healing energy starts running through the body, filtering through the muscles bones tissues and cells of the organs, accessing and integrating the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. In every class, my body, mind and spirit thrive in deep gratitude for what is possible. Rachael has a deep and profound way of making Nia a healing ceremony, a feast for body, mind and spirit.” -Silvia Kohen, MA, Hakomi Body-Centered Therapist and Teacher, Doula

"I am always looking for ways to experience my physicality that are fun, therapeutic and soulful. I love the way Rachael’s teaching style embodies all three of these. She is masterful in what she does." -Mary Gorman, PT

About Rachael:

Rachael R. Resch, MS PT/LMT, is a certified Nia Black Belt instructor, Nia trainer and holistic physical therapist whose practice is devotion to the sacred body for healing, fitness, play and prayer. She holds degrees in science, religion and dance, and is the owner of Synergy Physical Therapy, LLC, in Ashland, Oregon. Rachael used Nia to self-heal from years of severe asthma. Since 1978, Rachael has studied with leading teachers in mythopoetics, somatics, energetics and the arts.