The Year's Magic

I've attempted to write my end-of-the-year letter many times. I keep changing the subject, as each day there seems to be something more important to write about. One day it’s Zumba, the next Hillary Clinton, and the next, reminding you all to get your students to go online to vote for the 2011 Nia Teacher of the Year! All I know is, I love connecting with you and I'm going to do more of this starting January 1, 2012. People who know me will tell you I’m private. I blame it on my learning disabilities. It’s taken me a long time to feel safe sharing what I think and feel with people. Enough hiding. I’m coming out! So stay tuned for lots of juicy, good stuff.

As always, I am ending the year reflecting. My body and mind are full with up and down sensations, but my spirit is soaring. I am blessed to live the life I do, doing work I love, with people I admire and love. It’s been a long year for me -- the first completely Carlos-free year for Jeff and me. I feel good about what we accomplished and created. It goes without saying we didn’t do it alone. We have many people to thank, people like you who take this work into the world where my feet cannot go. I thank these people from a depth no words can communicate. But I will try. So here I go.

Thanks to Jessica, my daughter and assistant, for the endless support and for giving me the gift of working with such an amazing woman. Thanks to Andy for his endless patience, loyalty to Nia and magic he displays as he continues to tranform the Nia website into something better and better. Thanks to Art, who cleans the StudioNia space, keeping the area we dance in pristine and safe. Thanks to Dr. Lita for sharing her gift of acupuncture with us all at StudioNia, keeping us balanced and in harmony. Thanks to Patrick for his quiet and focused personality that grounds Jeff, me and everyone else in the office no matter what is going on. Thanks to Shawna H. for bringing what I feel on the inside into words so Nia can reach people all over the world. Thanks to Shawna X. for bringing her art to everything in Nia. Thanks to Kat, Piper, Julie and Yamuna for providing support to all the Nia students, teachers and trainers, and for the hours spent making StudioNia and NiaWear what they are. Thanks to Philip for handling all our shipping needs with such care and tenderness. To Allison for her Star support, keen eye, and ability to keep the Nia education content edited and clear. To Colin and now Adam for doing what needs to be done to put my message onto film and electronically delivered. To Adi for her amazing support from Israel, dedication and talent that makes HQ feel closer to everyone from afar. To this year's routine co-creators: Ann, Kevin, Winalee, Caroline and Helen. To Eddy for lifting, pushing, and moving anything we need! To Karri for her wisdom, guidance and business support that Jeff and I rely on so much. To Pearl, Nia’s canine mascot, for holding court so silently and lovingly. To the NGTs for their desire to master Nia and step into the most important role. To the first-generation trainers for giving their time, love and knowledge to the NGTs and to teachers, helping to create the body of teachers we have today. And lastly to my husband, Nia CEO Jeff, for his endless trust, belief, loyalty, and vision for me and Nia. Without him, none of us would be here today. Oh yes, and Nia! Thank you -- you guide me along my path into my potential and greatness with such magic.

Stay tuned for more topics I want to discuss and share. Thanks for a great year and here’s to even more magic in 2012.