Nia at Esalen

If you've never been to Esalen Institute, which is situated on 27 acres of spectacular Big Sur coastline with the Santa Lucia Mountains rising sharply behind, this is your chance to explore Nia at a renowned, alternative educational center devoted to the world of unrealized human capacities that lies beyond the imagination. And if you have been to Esalen before, we know we won't have to tell you twice to come back in 2012. 

Led by Nia Co-Creator Debbie Rosas and Nia Teacher Karri Winn, the Nia workshop at Esalen is happening March 30 - April 1, 2012. Register now to reserve your spot!

During this workshop you can deepen your self-knowledge and move toward your full potential by exploring Nia’s methodology for reading and responding to the sensations of your body’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual realms. 

We will focus on The Body’s Way, Nia’s philosophy of using the body according to its natural design and function. Movement, music, interactive discussion, and self-reflection sessions provide an integrated and memorable experience for participants of all fitness levels and movement skill. Come ready to:

  • Love and be yourself
  • Learn how to use movement to systematically explore the 200/700 potential of The Body’s Way
  • Discover your Body’s Way
  • Use sensation to research the form and function of your body
  • Transform cognitive knowledge into physical sensation and vice versa—blending what you objectively understand with what you subjectively sense to create your desired state of fitness and health
  • Explore your Sensory IQ – that is, sensory-based knowledge of your self, body and life