Upcoming Free Telecourse about Sensing the Vibration of Mood

Join us Monday, September 5th, 2011 for a free telecourse with Debbie Rosas and special guest Nurit Yirmiya.

This telecourse will focus on emotion, and is a part of our current educational course of study, Becoming a Sensation Scientist. We will be talking about sensing the vibration of mood.

Register now! This telecourse is open to everybody. 

Nurit is a Blue Belt certified Nia teacher and Professor of Clinical and Developmental Psychology with expertise in typical and atypical emotional development. She is a world leader in the field of very early identification of Autism Spectrum Disorders, and is the Director of the Lafer Center for Women and Gender Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She was introduced to Nia five years ago, and it was love from first move. As a teacher, supervisor and a practicing psychologist, Nurit has 30 years of experience working with people of all walks of life, helping them to enhance their well-being. Nia's lifestyle philosophy and emphasis on empowerment, health, wellness and fitness fits well with her conceptualization of how our authentic self strives to develop within and among the realms of the body, emotions, mind and spirit.