Upcoming Free Telecourse about Sensing Sound and Silence with Shannon Day and James D'Angelo

Join us Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011 for a free telecourse with special guest Shannon Day and James D'Angelo.

This telecourse will focus on hearing, and is a part of our current educational course of study, Becoming a Sensation Scientist. We will be talking about sensing sound and silence, the practice of sounding, the chakra system, tones, chants and more.

Register now! Please note: this telecourse is open to everybody. There will be no Monday telecourse.

Shannon Day is an award winning vocalist, songwriter, producer, model, and actor. She has been practicing Nia since 1996, and her music has been included in many Nia routines. She's also developed many foundational programs with Debbie Rosas, and currently teach Sounding workshops. Recently, Shannon released her Saioule CD, which takes you on a journey through the chakras. Nia continues to infuse her music, life, and practice with magic and sound.

James D'Angelo has had a multi-faceted career in music as a lecturer (City University of New York), classical/jazz pianist, organist, composer, workshop leader and writer on therapeutic sound and metaphysical subjects. James holds degrees from the Manhattan School of Music and a PhD from New York University. In 1984 he emigrated from New York to London, England and eventually took up a teaching position at Goldsmiths College. 

Since 1994 James has developed and evolved courses that focus on the theory and practice of therapeutic sound primarily through the voice using toning and chanting but also through the application of tuning forks. His study of breathwork, overtoning, tuning forks, self-actualizing psychology, his practice of sacred Sufi movements and his initiation into Reiki healing form the basis of his work and continuning evolution.