Launching the New Nia Store

We're proud and excited to announce that the new, online Nia Store is now ready for shoppers! You will notice the main website boasts a few wonderful changes as well, specifically in the menu navigation and on the personal account homepage for logged-in users. 

Features of the new Nia Store include:

  • New, beautiful photos of products
  • Pop-up sizing charts
  • An easy checkout process
  • Convenient shopping cart management 
  • Music preview links for NiaSounds CDs
  • Links to NiaWear clothing, NiaSounds CDs, routines for livelihood members, workout DVDs, print material, gift certificates and accessories!

Shoppers can receive special discounts on products by clicking on the purple promotion buttons on the profile pages of livelihood members who are part of the Nia Affiliate Alliance. Visit your favorite Nia teacher's profile page to see if they have a purple button activated!