What Nia Continuing Education Means to Me

The following post is a copy of a letter to Debbie Rosas written by Nia Teacher Tracey Fenner

Dear Debbie,

I wanted to write a letter to thank you personally for all the work you do in developing the Nia continuing education program. Last year, I thoroughly enjoyed working with all the materials of the White Belt principles that you gave us Nia teachers around the world. As an organization, Nia is continually giving so, so much to teachers, enabling me to go out and spread the body of work that you and Carlos began together so many years ago.

This year, I have been once again blown away with the body of work you have presented with “Becoming a Sensation Scientist.” It truly is incredible and is inspiring me to be a better Nia teacher with every class that I teach. Thank you Debbie, for your dedication, passion and incredible vision.

As a teacher based overseas in Hong Kong who is not able to attend your regular Nia workshops and classes at Nia Headquarters, I view the online downloads and video experiences as a Nia lifeline. The materials are so beautifully presented and very educational. I am loving being that roaming question mark while learning what we do and how and why we do it. For me, it is like actually being with you all in Portland on a monthly basis.

Even though I have not visited Nia Headquarters yet, I feel like I have a very intimate relationship with the space, and the work is so wonderful at maintaining that feeling of connection for me! I so enjoy taking “virtual” class and participating in all the lessons. I love being able to be a student, learning and deepening my craft monthly. I feel truly blessed to be able to do something that I am passionate about on a daily basis. Through everything you give, I am continually inspired to deepen my practice, to be a better person, and to go out into the community and make positive and open-hearted connections with like-minded souls and spread the amazing body of Nia work.

Thank you, with deep gratitude for all that you do.

Love and Light,

Tracey Fenner