Nia Trainer Denise Medved Begins a New Journey

Change is afoot, and Denise Medved has decided to step down as part of the Nia training faculty. The good news is, Denise is still teaching Nia, touching bodies and lives in only the way she does: magically!

While she has taught all ages and ability levels, from children to athletes, from dancers to non-dancers, Denise specializes in movement for those who believe their movement is restricted. She helps them find they can move again with joy, and heal their bodies to improve their quality of life! She works with those over 65 years old, those with chronic illness, and those recovering from physical injury and joint replacement.

For anyone who has ever had the joy of meeting, working with or learning from Denise, you know how special she is. We will miss her as a trainer. All of us at Nia HQ thank her for her fifteen years of dedication to sharing the joy of Nia, and wish her well on her next journey.