Most Memorable White Belt Moments: Previous Graduates Share Their Thoughts

"I like to think that my White Belt Training with Denise was the very first initiation into a new me and a new life. The sense of self-awareness, calm and the camaraderie with my Nia sisters I will carry with me always." -Gail G.

"I realized the sheer magnitude of information that I was being immersed in." -Jennie M.

"The graduation ceremony was a memorable moment. The deeply emotional journey we'd been on during the week finally released itself through tears of joy and healing." -Teresa T.

"From the minute we opened our Alchemy book to the moment we graduated, the whole experience was truly amazing. It is the best thing I've ever done." -Julia G.

"Driving after day six with the windows open and the wind on my body. I was alive with sensation." -Jan H.

"Every single moment of conscious engagement, sensation, movement and authentic and deep connection with myself, trainers (Debbie and Britta) and my White Belt sisters and brother." -Jennifer L.

"I realized that I really felt home studying Nia, doing Nia, dancing Nia, preparing to teach Nia, every day for those seven days. I loved 'creating space' every morning." Celine J.

"I stood up and shared my purpose in the world with the group." -Gabby H.

"When the phrase, 'Don't make any assumptions' clicked in my mind and related to my dancing. [I realized] me dancing does not look weird to others... for the first time in my life I actually felt at home in my body." -Liesbet C.

"The first class when Carlos introduced the work on music notation. He had us really focusing, with our eyes closed, and as much as I listen to music a lot, I had never heard it the way I was hearing it then, and tears came to my eyes. It was so moving and humbling. All of a sudden I felt connected with the musicians, the composer, the whole orchestra... and since then, I hear music differently!" -Isabelle F.

“It was like an awakening into my body. Right after, I put together a little album with pictures and all my thoughts… I still pull it out today sometimes whenever I need to refresh that memory.” –Irene S.

“I remember so clearly in our first 'anything goes movement-wise' freedance experience, as I was wildly rocking (flailing?) to the rhythm, I looked over to see my friend moving with quiet, slow precision, having a completely different connection to the experience. I thought to myself, ‘Okay, there is much more here for me to learn and to connect with. This work is deep.’ It was a beautiful expansion of awareness that sits with me to this day.” –Amy P.

“The first memorable moment is when I arrived at Ranch O Nia and was greeted by Helen and Joe Terry and their lovely animals on the ranch. The second moment is our discussion on creating a sacred livelihood. It was both spiritual and emotional.” –Ro L.

“My White Belt Training was my 2009 Christmas present from my mother. I lost her seven days before the training began. I remember experiencing the feeling of being an "orphan" for that week. I think I started my White Belt as a zombie. The most memorable moment for me was coming out of a waking dream and really hearing Denise for the first time! Denise, the process of the White Belt, and my Nia sisters truly helped me ‘walk through a storm with my head held high!’ Nia has been with me, and there for me, from that moment on.” –Mary M.

“My White Belt was in 2005 with Ann Christiansen in Switzerland, and I found and sensed consciously for the first time "grace" in my body movements - which I never did before in that way.” –LaLeila