Women's International Summit for Health

Many months ago in April of 2010, I got a call from the beautiful and talented Tera Warner. A passionate online entrepreneur, she created The Raw Divas as a means of building an international community to support women who are seeking health through nutrition and working to achieve natural, sustainable lifestyles. Her intent is to create opportunities through this project to enable and support other women in building their own independent, at-home businesses powered by passion before profit. Considering that’s exactly how I started Nia, I thought, “This is my kind of woman!”

One of The Raw Divas’ primary projects is Women’s International Summit for Health (WISH). Consisting of a 40-day interview series, WISH is described as a modern-day, online women’s circle of wisdom. Tera graciously asked me if I would be willing to talk with her about Nia for the event. I was flattered and thrilled to speak with her.

As Tera explains, “Throughout history, women have come together to support and empower one another in times of need. We’ve shared childcare duties, laundry and even lovers in some cultures. Women find solace and strength in sisterhood, and WISH makes it happen on a larger scale than ever before.”

If you’d like to hear my interview, as well as the interviews of 39 other renowned thought leaders and luminaries for free, register here. Beginning March 8th, 2011, you will receive one link per day – for 40 days – to an enlightening discussion between Tera and one of her featured guests. You don’t need to get dressed up, drive anywhere or arrange anything; you just need to settle yourself into a comfortable space near your computer, pull out a pen and paper, turn up the volume and soak in the wisdom and inspiration focusing on one of the following ten topics:

• Wisdom

• Food

• Relationships

• Fitness

• Health

• Abundance

• Attitude

• Beauty

• Sensuality

Other featured experts include Maya Angelou, Seane Corn, Regena Thomashauser, Joel Fuhrman, Victoria Moran, Alisa Vitti, Marianne Williamson, John Robbins, Carol Look and Mat Boggs.