Witnessing a Sensation Scientist

Last night at Helen Terry’s RanchONia in Houston, Texas, I had the pleasure of taking a class from a new Green Belt teacher, Glen Graves. I came to Houston for my Awakening the New Feminine Spirit workshop. I had a great time with 20 amazing women who will become my creation pod to help me turn this body of work into what it was initially designed to be: a 13-month course. All of us were transformed, as only women are when they get together, creating magic. But back to Glen's class last night.

First, of all, dancing in the barn studio space at Helen's RanchONia was very special. To literally step into a teacher's dream is a gift, and I was deeply moved by what she and Joe have created.

When I entered the class, Glen remained focused in his body while dancing to the music with his students. I wondered, if I had been him and Debbie had walked into the middle of my class, what would I have done? Could I have remained so relaxed?

What struck me most was the depth of his presence in his body, and how relaxed he was and yet how in charge. I entered at the last "Get Moving" song (a certain point within the Nia routine), I was quickly invited to move to the floor. As I rested on the earth, a sweet smile crept across my face and I heard Glen say, “Sense your back on the earth, let your body rest, and sense the earth lovingly touch you”. I sighed a deep sigh and thought, “I'm in the presence of a Sensation Scientist. He gets it. Does he know it? Is he conscious that he is allowing me the time and the space to gain body literacy? Does he know he is doing this by giving me permission to self-guide my body, to be in my own experience, and to sense my body engaged in the "now?" Does he know he is doing this by using language that invites me to sense my body, to stay connected to my body, to notice and become aware of what I am doing and feeling?

Although I didn’t get to take Glen's entire class, it didn’t matter. I got him, and I got one of the best parts of Nia: I got to feel and sense my body. I also got that if I had been a new student, I would have come back for more. Why? Because I’m one of those people who wants to feel. I want to explore. I want to discover more about my body, and about my movement and potential. I only wish I could sneak into every teacher's class. Not to judge, but to receive the gift of Nia through them.