Nia On The "High-Rise"

Lynett Putterman has been teaching Nia since 2002 in Chicago, Illinois and Chesterton, Indiana.  

I have presented Nia at a nursing school, a center for victims of torture, a Gilda’s Club (for people living with cancer) and numerous physical therapy offices, but the latest venue I taught at was a ground-breaker:  the party room of a high-rise in my own city.

When the building manager asked me to lecture on the benefits of exercise at his staff meeting, I agreed but insisted on giving everyone a Nia class in order to practice all the points in my lecture. I described the benefits of exercise in Nia language (the 5 Sensations, 13 joints, 200 bones, 700 muscles, pleasure principle, etc.) and showed them several ways they can create stability in their spine and joints while on the job. I talked about how to lift packages and open doors for residents with safe alignment, the plume atop the crown of the head, and the benefits of shaking and hanging during a break.

Then I played the music from Sanjana and Sexi. They looked scared. But gradually, as they breathed and stepped in, they began to let go. There they were – 33 doormen, maintenance men, engineers, concierges, and dock managers – swaying like willow trees, drooping like wilted flowers, wagging their tailbones and grinning hugely. They gave each other high-fives and whooped and applauded. I was thrilled. We can never underestimate the potency of Nia.

Now they are asking for a class once a month. This could be a steady gig for a Nia teacher in a city where there are many high-rises!