Thank You

The following post was written by Amanda Coleman, who is a Nia White Belt graduate, licensed massage therapist and SOMA practitioner. 

To Debbie, team NiaHQ, Nia teachers everywhere, students who have dared to show up to class, and every lover of Nia who has grabbed a friend and said, you have to come with me:

Thank you.

I have been loving and dancing Nia for two years now, and for the first time today I took class in a gym setting. And there, in t-shirted bodies and New Year’s resolved, weight-loss focused, sweat-seeking minds, a miracle happened. Something happened there, in the least likely of places. People began to untangle, to whoop, to smile, to close their eyes. People began to hear something. It was the song of the soul of creation as whispered to them through the voice of their own bodies.

I witnessed it. I danced with them all in joy as the nervous middle-schooler, for whom no look or self could ever feel quite good enough, cracked and died – in her, in him, in me.

Thank you.

I feel a great wisdom is transmitted through this seemingly benign “aerobics class.” I grin from ear to ear as I feel so blessed to be able to receive the teachings, like subliminal messages. I thank you for this vehicle you have designed to convey this vital information to the masses. The message says to me: 

I am right here. Within you as I have always been. I am your body, your being, and I hold the map to that world you seek: the one you catch a glimpse of between night and waking, the one you wish for when you hope for your children’s children. I’m here, let me show you the way.

And people everywhere are being woken up to it. I wish I could throw my arms around Debbie and Carlos and all the teachers. We, the human race, are on our way to becoming fully here, on this planet, in this now. Thank you for the care you took in encoding this message in such an elegant, complex and simple vehicle that anyone can get, down at their local gym. Holy cow! What is this world coming to?