Nia Trainer of the Year 2010

Presented to Winalee Zeeb...with Dolphin Joy!

We created another new award this year, as a way to honor members of the Nia Faculty who have blown us away with their passion, skill, dedication, impeccable communication, commitment to personal and professional growth, service to Nia and to local and global communities—and most of all: joy.

The title of Nia Trainer comes with great responsibility, as every breath, word, choice and move of a trainer must model what it means to choose and share joy. To enter this realm is a powerful and ongoing achievement. To rise above in this realm is a truly sacred act. This said, it is our pleasure to present the first Nia Trainer of the Year Award to the bundle of joy and energy that is Winalee Zeeb.

For anyone who's had the pleasure of taking classes, workshops, playshops (such as her famous "Plearning" events), and/or her White and Green Belt trainings, you know every cell in her body just shines with joy and love. She truly models what it means to listen to sensation and choose joy in every moment, every breath.

If you have met, learned with and/or danced with Winalee, you have seen how everything she does is masterful and impeccable. She thinks of others and herself. She supports others and herself. She is a devoted daughter, wife, stepmother and grandmother. She is our bearer of, as she calls it, "dolphin joy." Most of all, she is my friend, my peer and an unconditional support for all of Nia.

Winalee has touched many lives, always leaving people with a new understanding of how much joy is truly available at all times. If you have ever danced Nia, you have danced with Winalee, as her light and love are the very essence of the Nia Promise.

Congratulations, Winalee. And most of all: Thank you for the light, love and dolphin joy you share with us all!

Debbie, Jeff and all of Nia

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