Nia Livelihood Award 2010

Presented to Joe Terry

Two years ago, we presented the first "Nia Teacher of the Year Award," to recognize teachers who truly shine in embodying and sharing the joy of Nia. This year marks the launch of another award, to acknowledge those who may not teach but celebrate and support Nia in a powerful way: The Nia Livelihood Award. So without further ado, we're proud to announce Nia's very first recipient of this special award: Joe Terry, loving husband of Nia Trainer Helen Terry.

Husband to Helen and father of Liliana, Joe exemplifies what it means to love, support, give, nurture, build, protect and cultivate the very essence of Nia in his family, his local community and the world. On any given day, you'll find Joe building on RanchONia, their breathtaking Nia retreat in Houston, Texas (which he built from the ground up!), making breakfast for Helen and Liliana (often served in bed), folding laundry (and placing it perfectly in the drawers), and cooking gourmet breakfasts, lunches and dinners for the RanchONia guests. You'll also find him feeding the horses, taking the dog for a walk, and driving Liliana (aka: the resident tennis champ) to her lessons and games. If Helen is off leading a White Belt Intensive in England, it's Joe you'll find the department store with Liliana, waiting proudly as she tries on dresses for a school dance. Every morning and evening she's away, he'll be on the phone with Helen, saying, "I love you too, honey." I could go on and on...

Joe is always there to support his family—from teenage emotions to Helen's joys and fears—while taking care of himself in the midst of it all. What I admire most about Joe is his willingness to take risks, guided by his faith in his family and in doing what he loves: supporting the people he loves so they can do what they love. By stepping into his own greatness, Joe teaches us what it means to be man—not a man "behind" the woman, but a man next to her, as they walk the path of greatness side by side, sharing their own unique gifts together.

Thank you Joe, for the abundance of support, compassion, strength, time and energy you share, touching the lives and hearts of your wife, your daughter, the guests of RanchONia, and so many people in our Nia community. You are a shining example of what it means to follow your heart, to find your purpose by doing what is meaningful to you. Your model what it means to create a sacred livelihood by living fully and lovingly, in a way only you can.

Congratulations Joe, and from the core of our hearts: Thank you for finding and living into your greatness.

Debbie and Jeff