Announcing the 2010 Nia Awards and 2011 Course of Study!

This February, I'm excited to introduce this year's course of study: "Becoming a Sensation Scientist." We'll be focusing on developing body literacy, by closely observing and studying physical sensation. With the Joy of Movement as our guide, the body will become our "laboratory" to experiment, play and gain a deeper understanding of ourselves. (Talk about adding some fun to the word "research!")

Through our practice, you will first become more aware of sensation itself, and then begin experiencing entirely new sensations—physical and beyond. Most importantly, you will develop the ability to understand the information these sensations are communicating, as the voices of your body. This allows you to tap into a new level of awareness, a constant flow of information, which empowers you to make conscious choices to live a healthy, joyful and meaningful life.

Next month, we'll officially begin our course of study. But first, I want to recognize some very special people who stood out last year in modeling what it means to live as a sensation scientist...

These people embody and share their practice with an impeccability, joy and awareness that touches the lives of many. On behalf of myself, Jeff and everyone at Nia HQ, it's my pleasure to announce the 2010 recipients of three very special awards: The Nia Livelihood Award, Teacher of the Year Award and Trainer of the Year Award.

And to all Nia students, teachers and trainers of the world: Thank you for the joy you share with others, by loving your body and life!