How Nia's cultivating a worldwide community of more than 50 trainers, 9,000 teachers and countless students with its international training program


Portland, Oregon – Wednesday, October 13, 2010 – Meeting the growing demand for a more complete approach to wellness is the Nia Next Generation Trainer (NGT) Program. Led by Debbie Rosas, this ten-month course of study will certify a select group of Nia Black Belt teachers to become White Belt trainers.

"The talented women and men graduating from this program have the honor and responsibility of showing aspiring Nia teachers how to evolve their love of the practice into a viable and fulfilling career," says Rosas. "White Belt trainers also introduce personal enrichment students to the first level of the Nia training series."

Nia’s current faculty, which includes 15 trainers, has collectively certified more than 12,000 Nia teachers. To date, there are approximately 2,500 practicing Nia teachers in at least 45 different countries.

"My choice to accept Debbie’s invitation to take part in the Nia NGT Program was both personal and professional," says Loretta Milo, who is a Nia Teacher, Life Coach, and award-winning entrepreneur of the 1991 Inc.500 list. "It is a way to enhance my body and my overall life, and to touch the lives of my students on a very profound level."

Within the NGT Program, many participants will be developing the skills to train Nia teachers how to adapt the practice for specialty populations such as adolescents, elite athletes, the elderly and those affected by disease or illness. Nia classes are now taught in a wide variety of settings including high schools, fitness clubs, hospitals and corporate environments.

For more information about the NGT Program, learn about the Nia training series.

About Nia:

Nia is a sensory-based movement lifestyle that draws from disciplines of the martial arts, dance arts and healing arts. Classes are taken barefoot to soul-stirring music, and offer unique combinations of 52 moves that correspond with the main areas of the body: the base, the core and the upper extremities. Trainings collectively explore 52 principles for personal enrichment and professional development. Each belt in the Nia training series includes 50+ hours of education in the form of movement, interactive discussion and self-reflection sessions. Every experience can be adapted to individual needs and abilities.