Creating a Sacred Livelihood for Yourself and for the World

Dance along with me, for the best is yet to be!

A new consciousness is emerging in and around us—a wave of awareness affecting everything we do in life and in business. I believe it is the 21st century soul creating a measurable “brain wave” of change and transformation. I believe we are experiencing the birth of a new archetype, which offers a new vision—a new face, heart and purpose for humanity. As I watch the world changing and shifting, I see more actions intended to create a higher standard of living, being and doing business for all people. I cannot help but think this is all part of a grand plan for us to become better human beings, people who do things not merely for self gain, but for world and planetary gain. Deep in my cells, I feel that this new archetype is being birthed from a union, an integration, of both masculine and feminine energies and strengths, revealing a new kind of power and beauty. I call this archetype a “sacred athlete,” a person dedicated to cultivating a creative and sacred livelihood for self and for others.

A sacred athlete is a person who thrives in the "business of life," and makes conscious choices to cultivate an integrated body and lifestyle. He or she experiences every aspect of life—personal and professional—through the body, always guided by the sensation of pleasure, the voice of the body. Sacred athletes understand what it means to add purpose to their lives and to the lives of others, as they are always connected to their spirit—to something bigger, which they recognize as sacred. They hold the intent to manifest greatness in everything they do by knowing their unique purpose. Purpose is what drives their every choice and action, whether "the business of life" involves being a mom, a wife, a nurse, a doctor, and engineer, and/or a Nia teacher. Sacred athletes are leaders and visionaries, paving the way for their children, families, communities, and for themselves, by modeling what it is to be in the business of loving one's body and life. In sum, they are people dedicated to creating a sacred livelihood, to consciously integrating purpose into their lives and businesses for the benefit of all people.

All of us who personally practice and/or professionally teach Nia are learning to become sacred athletes—to create our sacred livelihoods. We are drawn to Nia because it helps us sense and express our uniquely creative voices, to connect with what we perceive as sacred, and to make choices we find deeply meaningful and rewarding. Nia is a lifestyle of investing in what is priority for us—for cultivating our health and well-being, and in effect, the health and well-being of everything we touch.

Ask people why they practice or teach Nia, and they will tell you they simply “have to.” I believe this feeling is the result of the creative "return on investment" in their bodies, lives, families, friends, businesses and communities. Sacred livelihood is measured in ways that go beyond monetary return, ways directly tied to love, pleasure, and to YOU, the dynamic vessel of manifestation for a sacred life and business.

I feel blessed to have Nia in my life as my personal practice and business. At any given moment, I know I can kick off my shoes, dance and connect with my body, life and purpose. I slice a moment out of each day to move, explore and express myself through my body. This is a creative and sacred experience—an energetic investment—that adds meaning to my life. It is how I add to the bank account of my spirit and soul, the most valuable bank account I have.

When asked what I am here to do, what my purpose in this world is, I say, “I am here to help people feel to heal!” This is my purpose, the compass I hold in my hand that guides all of my choices and decisions. It is the intention I hold in my mind and heart, which drives everything I do for and through my life, my body and my business. Helping people feel to heal is how I create a sacred livelihood.

What is your purpose? What is your sacred compass? How do you create a sacred livelihood each day? Remember: today you are creating a sacred livelihood for yourself and for the world!

Click here to watch a video of Nia Black Belt Karri Winn, as she explains what it means to create a sacred livelihood.

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