The Only Thing Missing Was a New Guitar

There is, has been, and will continue to be so much going on here at HQ—in the life of Nia and in my life.

I am very excited to be a part of this moment. For so much of my time with for Nia, I felt restricted by time, money and resources. We are now delivering on promises we made to ourselves—and in some cases to all of you—that have been in process for years. This feels great and revitalizing. I have never seen Debbie this happy! I have said it before: she is really on a roll. It feels like we just let the racehorse out of the gate and she is gleefully charging ahead!

As you probably remember, Debbie and I did a six-city European tour in July. For me, this was profound—meeting new friends, connecting with old ones. It was such a treat to see Apassionias on their home ground. I was able to take Debbie to Rome, my heart city. Debbie was inspired; we both were. This was the first time we have been to the eternal city together. I was moved. The experience brought tears to my eyes, joy to my heart, and Debbie...let's just say Debbie fell in love with Rome. (Not that this is unusual; she is just a love bug.) Everywhere we went, Debbie would turn to me and say, " Ya know...I could live here!" Stay tuned—this is a story that has no ending.

There are so many developments underway at Nia. Too many to mention. I will point out the new profile URLs—personalized web addresses on This means you can now use the NiaNow site as your own, with your own Nia URL. It looks like this: USER NAME. Put this address on your business cards, fliers—wherever you like. Take advantage of all the features and make sure your profile page is up to date—this is your personal marketing tool, your own NiaNow web page!

We recently had no less than 100 Black Belts and Nia Trainers in the HQ building at the same time. (Well, technically 50 were browns on their way to black, and 46 were here for the "Courting your Destiny" program.) This was a special weekend for those invited to be a part of The Next Generation Trainer Faculty. You can bet it was one powerful Saturday morning class! There were 120 dancers in class and a lobby full of onlookers. Hold on to your hats. And congratulations to all who participated.

Other news: We signed a lease to expand StudioNia—we are now caretakers of the room at the beginning of the hall. Conduit, an independent non-profit dance company, has been the lease-holder all these years. They will stay and we will continue to support their mission, only now we will have the space to develop additional classes and events. We are excited to do this, and to pursue the many opportunities this move provides to both Conduit and Nia.

In more HQ news, Nia Black Belt Siere Munro has joined the Nia team here at HQ and will be managing the 4th floor studios. Siere brings with her experience, passion, creativity and a whole lot of energy. Welcome Siere! Many of you may know Siere, as she has been around for quite some time—and she just entered the NGT program. I have known Siere many years and one thing I can tell you: she is a blast and a real go getter. (That was two things......Oh well, there is more—but for now, welcome again Siere.)

Another new team member I mentioned in my last article, Nia Black Belt Allison Wright, has been rocking it here at HQ. Allison moved to Portland to join the new "STAR" teacher support team. We are fortunate to have her here with us. I first met Allison at her Blue Belt. She shared with me her dreams and visions at the time—one of which was to be the youngest Nia Black Belt in history. Well, she did that and more. In fact, everything she shared with me has come true, except becoming the youngest Nia Trainer. I expect that she will do this too, as she has also joined the NGT program.

And—other big news: I have rebuilt my personal recording studio. I bought a new guitar and I am ready to cut some hits!!! Well maybe not, but I am having a blast. It is good to get the ol' axe (or should I say, the new axe) out of the case and plug it back in. ("Honey, I am home—just locked in my 'man cave.'")

New NiaWear, new NiaSounds, new education, new technology, new team members, new space, and in many ways, a new body and a new life.

On the plane, I was reading a piece about an 18-year old who is rocking out the music world. It made me wonder, "How much time did this young person put into mastering the craft to reach such a high level of success in such a short period of time?" It reminded me of when I was the same age. I was invincible; full of life and creativity. Then it dawned on me that 18 or 15 or 12—or whatever measure you choose—is a state mind. I then asked myself, " What would you do if you were 15?" The answer was: All that I am doing. The only thing missing was a new guitar. That was easy. It's the attitude that is the challenge!

Until next time, see you on the dance floor. Thank you all for doing what you do—and giving me the opportunity to do what I do.