Four Ways The Nia Livelihood Membership Package Can Enrich Your Life

If you’ve only taken the Nia White Belt Training, you may not know that you’ve just barely touched on an entire movement lifestyle practice. So to help you go deeper – and to discover Nia’s true potential to positively affect your body, mind, emotions and spirit – we created the Nia Livelihood Membership Package. This package serves as the perfect complement to Nia’s training series, and is available to all Nia White Belt Training graduates. It gives you:

Discounts on Nia Products

Livelihood members receive exclusive discounts at the Nia Store, including 50% off most NiaWear purchases and wholesale prices for all NiaSounds CDs. You can even opt to resell these items to the public at retail pricing.

Continuing Education

To help you fully grasp the concepts and principles presented in Nia trainings, the Livelihood Membership Package offers a Continuing Education program, which includes: four Nia routine DVDs, monthly mentoring telecourses with Nia Co-Founder Debbie Rosas and guest Nia trainers, a monthly subscription to exclusive e-Newsletters, access to Embody and Share e-books, monthly Nia lesson plans, four free session audits at any Nia training of your current or previous belt level(s), and 50% off tuition on full training audits of your current or previous belt level(s).

Community Access

Part of what makes Nia so special is the community of people who come together to explore the practice, share ideas and help each other. The Livelihood Membership Package gives you access to the online Nia Community Forum – the 24-hour “living room” of support and camaraderie for Nia training graduates from around the world. This forum includes discussions about personal enrichment, trainings, principles, routines and teaching. It’s a great way to make connections with like-minded people you might otherwise never meet.

Teaching License

Teaching is one of the best ways to give back to your community and positively impact other people’s lives. If you decide to become a Nia teacher, this membership package gives you legal permission to teach Nia in a professional setting. Teachers receive their own personalized profile page on the website, access to marketing resources and materials, and one-on-one business support from Nia CEO Jeff Stewart – among many other benefits.