Determined to Dance!

July 24, 2010

Hi Debbie: 

This is Holly from Tucson. I had an incredible morning that I want to share with you.

Earlier today I went to teach my regular Saturday morning Nia class. I arrived at the studio and found that the room had been rented out for the weekend. Disappointed, I sat there and waited for people to arrive. A fairly big group showed up. They were all determined to dance and I knew we would make it happen. Where could we dance?

We went outside in the 95 plus degree weather and took on Nia, Bikram style, all for the LOVE of the dance. Only 40 yards from a busy Tucson street we danced out in the open; laughing, sweating, and with no inhibitions. The energy was contagious. People who were walking by began to dance. It showed me how a community can bond together because we were determined to have a Nia class, under any circumstances.

The power of Nia is awesome!!

With love,