Brown Belt Training at Nia International Headquarters in Portland, Oregon

Nia continues to make a lasting impact on the way we feel and live with its Brown Belt Training this week. Led by Nia Co-Founders Debbie Rosas Stewart and Carlos AyaRosas, this seven-day training is the third level of education in a multi-level series.

"The Nia Brown Belt Training focuses specifically on teaching students to harness and direct energy within the body to create the life they've always wanted. We focus on 13 principles that explore energy as a physical, mental and emotional tool for personal and professional growth. This training is part of an integrated approach to helping athletes, gym-haters, mothers, fathers, and young adults alike develop loving relationships with their bodies," says Debbie Rosas Stewart. 

A full roster of students are enrolled in this week's training, which lasts through Friday, June 25, 2010. Nia Black Belt Helen Terry is teaching alongside Debbie and Carlos.

"It's phenomenal how many lives are being changed through Nia. It's a privilege to teach and share this wonderful technique," says Helen.

All participants in this training have previously taken the Nia White Belt and Blue Belt Training. The Nia White Belt Training is required to become a certified Nia teacher.