The Voice of Creating a Sacred Livelihood

I am the voice of Creating a Sacred Livelihood. My universal wisdom comes from knowing that you and the body are a gift. I am coded to inspire and direct you – and your body – to do that which will fulfill you in deep and meaningful ways. You will find me when you connect to your spirit and when you listen to your heart, reminding you of what you are here to do. I am never far from you.

Creative and sacred, we are designed to manifest greatness in the world. Doing is of utmost importance, as “doing” in your life is how you discover the right path, your purpose. Listen to your desires. Feel them deep from within the core of your body. Recognize and acknowledge this ache as a call to manifest your greatness in the world. Recognize the sensation of deep longing within you, my voice calling for you to do. This ache is my call for you to come, come, to live and walk in your greatness.

Creating a Sacred Livelihood begins when you fall in love with your body and learn the arts of self-love, self-healing, and self-responsibility, taking a stand for your own Pleasure in life. Know you are Creating a Sacred Livelihood when you feel an intensely positive emotion each time you do something. If the rapture of discovering yourself, your purpose, is revealed to you in something you do, keep doing it. When you find a community of people and sense a marvelous expansion in your heart and spirit, stay. If you find yourself inspired, motivated, and committed to learning, growing, and transforming who you as part of your everyday life and business, stay on this path. If you have a profound sense of wellbeing and peace, if you feel a deep sense of gratitude and fulfillment when you do what you do, do it again and again. If you continue to have peak experiences no matter how many times you walk through a door, come again.

My philosophy is simple: Make every action in life personal, a creative and sacred act. Commit to consciously transforming your body and life with love and recognize that you are a teacher to the world. Seek your destiny, walk your talk, and discover what is meaningful and sacred to you. Make what you do motivating and inspiring for yourself. Recognize you will manifest your greatness. Awaken your inherent power to change, to be better and happier, and you will awaken others. Consciously take care of your own body and life and you will become a leader to others. Help people know without knowing; teach them to treat their body, mind, emotions, and spirit with respect and love and you will become a great healer. Whether caring for a patient, a client, a child, a parent, or your staff, make everything you do a reflection of a Creative and Sacred Livelihood.

Above all, honor all the unique individuality of all people. View every human life as something sacred, to be crafted with great care. Know that life and business are one, for the process of being sacred offers rewards beyond financial measure and gifts that make living in your body a joyful experience each day. Know the truest, most evocative expression of your greatness manifested as gestures through your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual self, will result in you—Creating A Sacred Livelihood.