It’s All About Choice

Sensing is how we learned to move, stand up and walk; to trust ourselves, the world, and people. Sensing came before conscious thinking.

How Clean Is Clean

One of my mom’s friends gave me the best sanitizing advice ever: always carry your old perfume with you and use it to sanitize public toilet seats. I do. Actually, I even do this in my friends' homes.

Dancing Through Hip Surgery

In this story, I'd like to share something very important about Nia, especially for instructors. I'm a black belt from Chicago and have been teaching five classes a week since 2002. On June 21...

An Open Letter to My Nia Teacher - Michele Kaye

It's particularly good for the morale, when women have been through undermining and dispiriting times, as it allows for a quintessentially feminine expression in a supportive environment.

A Hero for Social Change: Sarah Ramirez, Nia Black Belt

Sarah Ramirez, Nia Black Belt, is a Sacred Athlete among us, inspiring many with her passion and vision for change in Tulare County, CA. Sarah has been spotlighted through CNN Heroes and was featured on Morning Edition on NPR. Can you guess which Nia principle has helped to shape and inspire Sarah's dream of health equity and social change?

What Inspires You to Create and Live a Sensuous Life?

I have read hundreds of articles and books on the body, sex, sensuality, and sexuality. I've studied tantric practices, communication, movement, martial arts, dance arts, and healing arts, and no matter where I go to learn how to “get it on” with life, I always come back to the best teacher: my body.

Nia in Hungary

Have you ever been to Hungary? No? You should do it at least once in your lifetime! You will be surprised when you arrive to Budapest, the capital city of this East-Central-European country....

Reflections on Nia and Beauty

Nia has shaped my body and my life for many years creating changes in my awareness and my physical form and offering me many gifts of knowledge beyond what I believed possible.  One gift that I d...

Love your body. Love your life!

I love the body. So much so that my love of the body has become my life. It’s also my business. I believe it’s the business of everybody, they just don’t know it. At some point, I believe, people wake up to this fact. The wake-up call may come by way of an illness, when mortality hits, or with age, when the knowledge that time is running out becomes real.

Soma Ranch

Most people come away from a Nia experience and express how it was “magical”. Part of this perception comes from the environment Nia is experienced in. When the space you’re in adds to the exper...

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