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The Alchemy of Listening ~ Turn Your Relationships to Gold!

"Listening is an attitude of the heart, a genuine desire to be with another which both attracts and heals."    J. Isham                Alchemy offers ...


Reach, the new Nia routine, is meant to stimulate you to move and express through your upper extremities.  As you move, consciously open up the shoulder girdle and provide conditioning and freedo...


Dancing Nia to Jana’s music is a recipe for pleasurable living! Jana is a multi-platinum songwriter, and more importantly, her music inspires my heart. Her music conveys a message and it has alw...

Feel the Magic!

Tap into the magic of Life happening all around us. Create a magical mood anytime and anywhere, with music from the newest Nia routine Magic. Just released for 2015.  With upbeat rhythms and intr...

Grab the Vibration

Listening to healing sound vibration naturally alters the vibration of consciousness in ways that reduce stress, and leave you feeling peaceful, centered, and energized.

Grab Your Spirit

This month, we’re featuring Nia Sounds from the workout Unplugged. What’s the sound? Beat and rhythm, the perfect vibration to grab your spirit and get you moving from the ground up. Liste...


Feel effortless, creative, powerful, flowing, wild, introspective, playful, expansive, peaceful, quick, sexy, joyful, spontaneous, healing, direct, open, flexible, light, restful, ageless, forceful, sassy, free, serious, positive, present, balanced... and that's just for starters.

Music We Dance To

It’s not your ordinary workout music. It’s more sensual, dynamic, alluring and captivating; seducing the body to move and express itself, the mind to travel and dream, the emotions to run wild, and the spirit to be set free.


NiaSounds Presents: Shannon Day Interview

In this follow up video to Shannon Day's private performance of Free, Shannon invites us into her home for an interview regarding her work with Debbie Rosas in developing their work with Sounding....

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