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Dancing on the Earth

A blog by Nia teacher, Wendy Roman When I first opened my dance studio, Rhythmwood, in 2012, I had no idea there would be so many wonderful events taking place here. I have received so much joy in ...

Take A Walk On The Wild Side of Pleasure

What’s the first step in the wild, unrestrained pursuit of pleasure? How can you stimulate and tantalize 14,000 nerve endings?  Take your shoes off, that's how!  Wriggle your toes ...

Coming Back Down To Earth

The popularity of low and non-impact aerobic exercise has brought us back down to earth, literally. With this change we have begun to slow down and work smarter, affording us the luxury to relax. ...


High-Five-Friday is a call to celebrate someone you admire, your mentor, someone who changed your life.


Touch.In a world of mediated, meaningless, "stolen" sensations, the Sensation Science of Nia offers us a direct and meaningful experience of reality, an experience that is becoming increasin...

Stop the Pain!

Fed up with exercise-related injuries and goal driven workouts? 10 ways Nia differs. How does your exercise class compare?

Change Up Your Moves to Build Up Your Heart

Are you giving your heart the variety it needs to deal with daily dynamics, stress and change?

Change Up Your Moves to Build Up Your Heart

Are you giving your heart the variety it needs?

Strong, Beautiful Legs Without Tedious, Repetitious Exercises?

One of the things that changed my approach to movement and helped me create Nia was the idea that movement could be experienced in a whole new way. That maintaining ground contact

A Holistic Approach to Fitness

A Nia workout is a whole new philosophy—instead of “working out” you’re “working in!”

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