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Nia Trainer of the Year 2010

Presented to Winalee Zeeb...with Dolphin Joy! We created another new award this year, as a way to honor members of the Nia Faculty who have blown us away with their passion, skill, dedication, ...

Teacher-Mario Reinthaler

Nia Teacher of the Year 2010

Presented to Mario Reinthaler  Nia Black Belt Teacher The close of 2010 marks the third year Nia has presented the "Nia Teacher of the Year Award." In 2008, we presented t...

Joe Terry

Nia Livelihood Award 2010

Presented to Joe Terry Two years ago, we presented the first "Nia Teacher of the Year Award," to recognize teachers who truly shine in embodying and sharing the joy of Nia. This year ...

Debbie Hero

Music as My Muse

"Antonio Stradivari made some of his most beautiful violins from a pile of broken, waterlogged oars he found on the docks of Venice one day. Like the David hiding inside Michelangelo's rough bloc...

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