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Debbie Smile

Debbie Does The Juice Cleanse With Dr. Rankin... And So Can You!

This year I’ve decided to take on the challenge to research a whole new kind of pleasure by paying attention to the things I put in my mouth. I’m cleaning myself up from the inside out, an...


The Year's Magic

I've attempted to write my end-of-the-year letter many times. I keep changing the subject, as each day there seems to be something more important to write about. One day it’s Zumba, the next...


What's Mainstream?

In 1983, I was looking for a way to workout and address more than fitness. I wanted something that would provide more pleasure and efficiency in the body, as I had lost the ability to move naturally. ...

Denise Medved

Nia Trainer Denise Medved Begins a New Journey

Change is afoot, and Denise Medved has decided to step down as part of the Nia training faculty. The good news is, Denise is still teaching Nia, touching bodies and lives in only the way she does: ...


Reflections on the Toronto FAB Training

The Nia FAB Choreography & 52 Moves Training was created to bring all belts under the same roof, hence the term FAB (which stands for For All Belts). The first Nia FAB was in Portland, OR with ...

2011 WISH Summit

Women's International Summit for Health

Many months ago in April of 2010, I got a call from the beautiful and talented Tera Warner. A passionate online entrepreneur, she created The Raw Divas as a means of building an international commu...

Glen Graves

Witnessing a Sensation Scientist

Last night at Helen Terry’s RanchONia in Houston, Texas, I had the pleasure of taking a class from a new Green Belt teacher, Glen Graves. I came to Houston for my Awakening the New Feminine S...

Debbie Rosas Headshot - 2010 Nov

Announcing the 2010 Nia Awards and 2011 Course of Study!

This February, I'm excited to introduce this year's course of study: "Becoming a Sensation Scientist." We'll be focusing on developing body literacy, by closely observing...

R1 Cover

Behind the Scenes of a New Routine Called R1

The journey of creating a routine is just that – a journey. While my process over the years has remained fairly consistent, it has also evolved as a result of small tweaks that go along with ...

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