By Debbie Rosas | December 22, 2014

Love is emotionally healing, comforting, and physically transformative. Pleasure is nourishment for the body, mind, and spirit. Both are offerings your body makes available to you.

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By Debbie Rosas | July 3, 2014

We’re not the status quo. We think and feel differently. We’re plugged into pleasure, joy, and love, not pain and effort. We’re courageous people. We seek body and life mastery.

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By Debbie Rosas | May 28, 2014

Beauty is a characteristic, a sensation, a look, and a feeling available to us all. It’s one of those things defined differently by everyone. It is a subjective comment and opinion of the mind i...

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By Debbie Rosas | April 17, 2014

No matter what it is, know this. Feeling beautiful is a sensation, and if you’re not in your body you can’t feel it. So Get In, Be Moved, and have the courage to Be You. Unleashing you is the way to beauty.

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