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2010 Course of Study

Debbie Rosas Headshot - 2010 Nov

Closing 2010... Opening 2011!

It’s that time of year again when I give thanks for all that has happened and cast the future of Nia into the next year. I love this part of the year. It’s a time when I go into...

Debbie Rosas Headshot - 2010 Nov

Pleasure 101: Education for Every Body!

“Joy naturally seduces the body to breathe fully and deeply, oftentimes culminating in laughter, which is to the body like an orgasm.” —Alexander Lowen, M.D., Bioenergetics ...

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Creating a Sacred Livelihood for Yourself and for the World

“Dance along with me, for the best is yet to be!” A new consciousness is emerging in and around us—a wave of awareness affecting everything we do in life and in business. I be...

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Cultivating Comfort with X-Ray Anatomy

In Nia, we pride ourselves on cultivating comfort and pleasure—I personally have been called a "Pleasure Revolutionary." It’s true! I believe cultivating pleasure is one of th...

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Walking Upright with All Four Paws ~ White Belt Principle 9

This month we are focusing on White Belt Principle 9, The Upper Extremities of the Body. For those of you just joining us: This is one of the 13 principles of the White Belt, Nia's first level ...

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Unleashing Feeling, Healing and Expression with White Belt Principle 8

When you watch a Nia class, it is clear every person is bringing something unique to the dance. Yes, the choreography is the same, yet each pelvis, chest and head seems to be dancing to a different...

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Riding the Wave of Principle 7: Three Planes of Movement and Intensity Levels

I'm lucky I do Nia; I get to enjoy my body and life in "peak" experiences every day. Nia has taught me how to engage with my body so that everything I do – how I move, think and...

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Nia's Answer to Stability—Naked Feet

I thought a lot about what to discuss for this month's focus, White Belt Principle 6: The Base of the Body. After much deliberation, I decided to talk about the feet and also to share part of N...

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