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Debra Stein

Debra Stein


My Credentials

  • M.S., CCC/SLP

Debra Stein

As a child I studied ballet with Nora Irinova. The former prima ballerina from Argentina would often compliment other students on their talent and rigorous adherence to classical form. To me she would offer in her resonant Argentinean accent; "Debbie number one ( of several numbered Debbies) very nice expression!"  I then studied modern dance with Ze'eva Cohen who was full of praise for my enthusiasm, my expressive brown eyes--as for my potential as a serious dancer---not so much. And then, thirty years later, in 1996, I found Nia; 52 moves that rely on precision yet let my spirit soar. I have been fortunate to have practiced with an amazing group of Boston Nia teachers, dancing 4 to 5 weekly classes over 16 years. I have been blessed with wonderful mentors, fabulous friends and a dynamic community. Finally, in 2007 I enrolled in Casey Bernstein’s white belt intensive and began subbing around Boston. Moreover, as a Speech and Language Pathologist, I now use Nia as a tool for teaching language and social interaction with language impaired and ASD children. I discover joy and growth every time I have the opportunity to teach. I am learning how to be in the moment and dance through my life.

I don't have any trainings scheduled at this time. Please check back later.