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Shelly McClain Trost

Shelly McClain Trost

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Shelly McClain Trost

Sheboygan, WI, United States

I was born in San Francisco, California to very wholistic parents. I was raised a vegetarian, practicing yoga principles and meditation from a very young age. We moved to Encinitas, California and I had a very difficult time in school. I received straight F's and became very overweight and troubled. My mother brought me to a dance class with her and this is when my life changed. I found joy, began to do well in school and excell in dance. I became a modern dancer, graduated from San Francisco State Unversity with a bachelors in dance, and continued on to join and perform with dance companies in San Diego, San Francisco, and London. I then met my husband Paul and moved to Sonoma, California where I became a music and movement teacher for children. Although I enjoyed my work very much, I stopped dancing for myself. I gained weight and after several years of teaching developed severe back pain that made it impossible to work or move without intense discomfort. At this point I turned to a life coach for help and she asked me the question, "If there were no obstacles or fears in your way what would you do." I said without hesitation, I would dance. She said "How can you see making this a reality?".  NIA came into my mind and I said "I could teach NIA.". I had always been drawn to NIA and Debbie Rosas. The wholistic aspects and fusion of movement arts and energies was something I wished for in studying modern dance. I had contemplated studying with Debbie many times yet with work obligations and financial obstacles, it never seemed to be a realistic goal. But in this life altering converstaion, I said NIA and the Gods heard me because three weeks later I was in my white belt training with beautiful Debbie Rosas, Casey Bernstein and Siere Munro. I remember sitting next to Debbie and noticing how her pretty orange nails and toes exactly matched her outfit. Then she looked at me with the sweetest accepting and "I believe in you" eyes. Her eyes were the most amazing color, like gold and orange mixed together, is how I remember them. I had never seen the color before just like I had never met anyone like her before. She is so glorious. When learning about counting our music, Casy refered to Debbie as the one, "the brightness of one". She walks into the room and you know she is there. Debbie helped me to accept and love my voice which I had always been self conscious about, she taught me how to find my way of moving and dancing again even at my heavier weight with an injury. She also started me on a path of somatic knowledge that I am certain will last a lifetime. After our final examination Debbie spent the most time with the person who felt they did the worst. She gave them a do-over as she danced with them in a circle as we all offered support and it concluded with a giant loving hug. Casey and Siere were such beautiful seasoned NIA practicioners and mentors to us as well and I remember so many beautiful life altering moments with them and my fellow white belt students as we absorbed an intense amount of information, often while in motion having a fabulous time. NIA has healed my back, I have lost weight, and I am now a certified NIA instructor sharing the joy of NIA with others. That's what I do and I still can't believe it. There is something indescribable about NIA. It is the perfect recipe and mixture of what we need. There's just enough yin and just enough yang. It incorporates personal introspection and expression and is also very interconnected with others. It has the most beautiful qualities of play and fun. I can't tell you how many times I have experienced being in a funk or low and after practicing NIA changing to see things in a positive light and shifting to feel good again. It's a heck of a thing, like magic. I LOVE IT!!! Yay NIA!    



I don't have any trainings scheduled at this time. Please check back later.