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Shannon Day

Nia Black Belt Teacher

I am Shannon Day – Gold Record award winning vocalist, songwriter, producer, model, and actor. I have been practicing Nia since 1996, and my music has been included in many Nia routines. I have also developed many foundational programs with Debbie Rosas. I currently teach Sounding Workshops, and have recently released my Saioule CD, which takes you on a journey through the chakras. Below is a little synopsis of my work, and how Nia has infused my music, life, and practice with magic and sound.


Just as listening is key to any human relationship, music and sounding are similar; we have a relationship with music and our bodies. The more we learn to listen, the more our communication improves – and for those of us who dance, our dancing deepens.

Investing your total attention to organic sound will deepen your relationship to yourself, making it possible to intimately know your unique properties and the vibration of your personal journey. We are each different, with our own unique beat, instrumentation, structure and surprises. Learning to listen to sound and self with the entire body makes us better communicators.

The art of listening is the art of hearing sound and all its details, the spaces of sound and silence. The art of transmitting pure sound is a profound practice, and enables healing and discovery physically and emotionally. Witness how finding your voice can change your life.

ABOUT SAIOULE (A SOUNDING CD):                                                                                                                                                                                           

Saioule is a journey through the charkas attuning sound and singing with each associated tone to enact healing, freedom and grace. This CD was recorded, produced and composed by Shannon Day. It is meant to be heard, as well as to used to practice sounding, listening, and singing from the heart.  For detailed information on sounding, the chakras, and Saioule, visit my personal website

Shannon currently licenses music globally for Nia as the company's Music Director. She has produced many Nia fitness videos as well. Video titles include: Velvet, Aya, Sexi and Oshun. Music titles include: Opal, Velvet, Aya, Sexi, Oshun, Butterfly, Alive and more.


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