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Sarit Sela

Nia Brown Belt Teacher
Gainesville, Florida, United States


"Nia is joyful and energetic movement done in bare feet to music with a soulful groove. It is an hour for me to disconnect from my stress and reconnect my mind and body. Nia is a great dance workout that is low impact and easy to follow. Sarit is an experienced teacher and her love for Nia is contagious. She teaches each move in stages, adding on as you master it. She gives options to vary intensity, making the class perfect for all fitness levels. Each class is unique, so you never get bored.  I leave the class feeling happier, more flexible, energized, and looking forward to my next class!" Kim Christou, 55, Pilates Instructor

"Nia has given me a lot more confidence in the way I move my body and how I interact with the world.  It's fun, but still gets my blood flowing -- I don't get bored of it like I do with weights.  I don't think I've ever smiled more during a workout! ... After being sick for so long and losing a lot the strength and mobility I had as a teen, I was terrified to attend any sort of exercise course.  Yet, somehow, Nia wasn't as intimidating as the rest.  It's a go-at-your-own-pace, so I didn't feel like I would be judged for maybe moving a bit slower than others.  It's been so much more than that, though.  It's brought a sense of joy into my life -- teaching me how to listen even more to what my body is telling me and what it needs.  Ever since I started going to Nia, I've gained the confidence and strength to branch out and attend other fitness classes. If it weren't for your class, I don't think I would have been able to reach this point on my own.  When I first attended the class, I felt anxious but curious.  Now, I feel confident and empowered.  Thank you, Sarit, so much for providing such a wonderful experience.  I can't speak for everyone, of course, but I'm sure many share my appreciation." Sean, 25

"In Nia I feel as though I am becoming a friend to my body while I am stretching, moving and strengthening every part. I love watching our instructor move so gracefully and in my mind's eye I imagine myself moving that way too. The instructor, Sarit, makes everything so easy to follow. These classes are low impact kind of moves and you may be surprised when you find yourself stretching your aerobic limits" Laura Lynch, 54, Retired Nurse

"After a single class, I was sold; & have been investing in weekly opportunities to move, express & expand "in my body's way" ever since. The atmosphere of Sarit's Nia classes is incredibly comfortable - I rejoice in dancing next to women & men of different ages, physical abilities & general walks of life. I love feeling as though I can dance - rolling around in the energy that each class constructs; & that which each participating body manifests. Whether you are new to the world of group fitness or not; agile or not; comfortable in your own body or not; I highly recommend a dose of Nia with Sarit. I'll be that girl fumbling through the routine with a big, fat grin on her face all-the-way :)" Brianna A. Schiavoni, 31, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Kids Yoga Teacher

"Nia for me is a healing process of my tired body, stressed mind and spirit. I almost have stopped exercising after giving a birth to my daughter. Time constraints with childcare and workload, I could hardly find extra energy to spare for my exercise.Then, I had a chance to try free Nia class.  It was just an enlightening experience for me. It was “Wow!” because I did not have to wear socks or snickers which almost other exercises require. My body felt so light without wearing socks or shoes. It was “Wow” because Nia movement had structure and freedom of modifying the movement based on what makes sense to oneself. I can say Nia has its own structure and creativity side at the same time. It was “Wow” because I can be me, myself without being self-conscious of others. In Nia class, I can be a child acting silly or funny and nobody cares about it. My body feels refreshed, strengthened and full of energy after the Nia class. Nia can be invigorating, refreshing, energizing, relaxing, healing and strengthening, but most of all, it is a Great Fun!" Alice, 34, PhD Candidate

"I had read about Nia in a publication and researched it on line. Much to my delight, I found out that Gainesville has a wonderful teacher, Sarit! I was attracted to Nia as it encompasses martial arts, pilates and yoga, all of which I personally love, and combines them with music and dance. For me, that was the draw. I have been working with Sarit for almost a year now and I find that it is always an interesting and an amazingly thorough workout. Sarit is an excellent teacher and obviously is very skilled in her abilities and encouragement. I would recommend both Nia and Sarit to anyone, male or female, who is looking to develop body awareness, stamina and have a good time." Yvonne, 60, Acupancturist

"During the first class, I realized it was unlike any other fitness class I had taken. There were elements of modern dance (a previous passion of mine) and we utilized the floor as much as the air. Sarit began the class by having us set an intention for the time, and this greatly helped me focus my attention and energy during the class. There were men and women of all ages in the class and each seemed to get as much out of it as the other. As a fitness professional, I have to say that Nia was a refreshingly unique experience and I will definitely be back for more!" Keshia Murphy, 27, Academic Advisor and Zumba Instructor

"Nia is like a waterfall of flowing life energy that rolls over and through you, as breath and body and heart and soul all synchronize to Music and each Other. As personal as it communal in its sense of place and space of being in the world - words can only hint at the sensei-sensibility of a marital joy made manifest." Henri Kolb, nurse


My Nia journey started in 2005, when I stepped for the first time into a Nia class in Stanford, CA. I immediately felt at home and fell in love with the practice: the music, the movements, the playfulness, the non-competitive atmosphere and the emotional relaxation. It felt like being a child once again: allowed to be free in my body, mind and spirit, happily exploring movement, sensation, music and imagination. Gradually, I became stronger, more flexible, more relaxed, and much more connected to my body.

I have practived Nia ever since. Even during my two pregnancies I continued to practice Nia. It was easy to adjust the moves to fit my abilities and needs at the time. That is one the beauties of Nia - it is about your own body's way, no one else's.

In 2009, I became a Certified Nia White Belt Instuctor. I trained at the Nia Headquarters in Portland, OR, with Nia founder Debbie Rosas, and trainers Caroline Kohles and Helen Terry. In 2010, I completed the Nia Green Belt training, with Debbie Rosas and Winalee Zeeb. In 2012, I became a Certified Nia Blue Belt, trained with Helen Terry.

I have been teaching Nia in Gainesville, FL, since 2010. I love teaching and am thrilled by sharing this unique practice with others. Nia has brought so much energy, health, fitness and happiness into my life, and I am eager to share these gifts with others.



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