Vibe - The Class Experience DVD + CD

Vibe - The Class Experience DVD + CD

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Vibe - The Class Experience DVD + CD

Vibe is a fun barefoot cardio-dance workout featuring the music of Chris Coco, Bob Marley, Moby, Rodney Hunter and more! The majority of the world is sitting right now, slouched over, with poor posture. This has harmful affects on your health. They say sitting is the new smoking. So we say, “Save your life, get up and vibe!” The new Vibe routine stimulates your whole body by focusing on posture, fingers, hands, and arms. Vibe connects you to the dancer within by tapping you into your unique elegance, power and precision. These are simple moves you can master, a work out plan that’s fun and graceful, with moves you can customize. Incredible variety! The choreography uses hand techniques to deliver muscle definition, joint strength and agility, core and spine stability. Perfect for all levels, the moves guide your body with precision while allowing freedom to move in your own way.

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