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ZenSation Routine

ZenSation Routine

ZenSation Routine

Release Date: December, 2007
Target: Intermediate
Focus and Intent: The focus of this routine is on The Nine Movement Forms. The intent is to personally connect to the chemistry and dynamics of each form so that your body recognizes each one by its unique sensation.

ZenSation is a Classic Nia routine that focuses on the Nine Movement Forms. This focus supports one of the body’s five basic principles that says, “The Body’s Way Reveals Itself.” Sensation is one way that the body reveals itself as being vital and dynamic.

Zensation NiaSounds “Zensation is a stimulating journey filled with sound and silence. Move and sense the gift of the body and connect to the ultimate healing sensation for your body, mind, emotions, and spirit – Zensation, the sensation of Nia!” Features the music of Bliss, James Asher, Frontera, Thievery Corporation, Adham Shaikh & Catherine Potter, Shakatura, Slowdeck, Liquid Zen. 

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