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Velvet Routine

Velvet Routine

Velvet Routine

Release Date: August, 2009
Target: All Levels
Focus and Intent: The Focus of this routine is Upper Extremities: Hands. The Intent is to teach you to use your hands to connect your upper body with your lower body, conditioning your upper body, protecting your joints, engaging your core and increasing awareness of using your hands in choreography.

Velvet is a Classic Nia routine, which focuses on the sensations of the hands while maintaining awareness of the lower body. Through practice, you will develop the skill to remain focused on your hands while conditioning your nervous system. Keep the focus alive by maintaining a sensory connection to the hand moves. You can introduce this routine to your students in a new way with a show and tell experience: before each song, show the hand and base moves, then dance the song. Stop in between each song to show and tell!

Velvet NiaSounds: Velvet, a touch of melody, rhythm, sound and silence. A stimulating and healing journey for your body, mind, emotions and spirit, brought to life through your hands. Touch and be touched."

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