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Sexi Routine

Sexi Routine

Sexi Routine

Release Date: July, 2008
Target: All Levels
Focus and Intent: The focus of this routine is The Spinal Cord. The Intent is to stimulate Stability and Mobility in the Spinal Column.

Sexi is a Classic Nia routine. Every aspect of the choreography is designed to stimulate Stability and Mobility in the Spinal Chord. You’ll learn to move and sense three sections of the spine: Bottom, middle and top. Use The Body’s Way information to create a healthy spine by focusing on sensing the spine’s 26 separate parts. Based on their location, size and shape vary, and alter what you do. Use the bottom vertebrae for more stability, the middle vertebrae for more mobility, and the top for sensing even more mobility. Use the 23 fluid-filled sacs between the vertebrae to sense dynamic stillness (stability) and energy in constant motion (mobility).

Sexi NiaSounds “Sexi is an eclectic compilation guiding the listener from sunrise to sunset. Depicting a beautiful day full of waking wonder, to midday play and adventure, to evening celebration, to indulging in night falling, to resting in the arms of the stars. A gorgeous complement of feminine and masculine energies, you will love the sensual journey of Sexi to your soul.” Features the music of Bliss, Blue Six, Ikarus, Rodney Hunter, Peace Orchestra, Govinda, Popcorn, and Tim Story.

Download the Sexi routine booklet - 8BCs.

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